Farm Rents Out Their Goats For Zoom Conference Calls At $6.80 Per 5 Minutes

What's not to love about goats? I mean, they're cute, they literally jump for joy, and some of them make the funniest noises.

Well, brace yourselves, because you can now get a goat to join in on your Zoom meeting for just $6.80 per five minutes. And, nope, we're not joking!

The Cronkshaw Fold Farm in Rossendale, Lancashire, England, has recently started offering a "Goat On Zoom" service. The fun service means you can have a goat from the farm join in on your online call, and contribute all things goat.

During the pandemic, like most businesses, the farm experienced some financial woes. So, Dot McCarthy came up with the idea that they could charge people to have their adorable goats to join in on their Zoom calls.

Of course, the idea was a joke - at first. But the team at Cronkshaw Fold decided to put up a website and just see what happened.

Well, the very next day, the farm received a flood of phone calls and emails, all from people interested in hiring the goats.

Before long, the wacky new business venture had managed to earn more than $68,000!

The goats had literally saved the farm, and the jobs of many employees who otherwise would have had to be let go. People fell in love with the idea!

The farm offers seven goats to choose from. Lulu, Ozymandias, Lisa, Elizabeth, Lola, Margaret, and Sebastian are all available for appointments through the farm's website.

For just $6.80, you can have one of these adorable critters join in on your online meeting for five minutes.

The calls are not limited to Zoom either - Microsoft teams, Skype, Google Hangouts, and some other video services are available.

People are loving it, and Dot says that one family in particular has been booking a chat with Marge every week.

There's no denying that the initiative spreads joy in these difficult times!

Here's how people reacted.